Swedish & Esalen

Both of these techniques are used with light to medium pressure to relax the whole body.  Long, flowing strokes help to regain a sense of harmony and balance while awakening your inner resources for healing.  Warm, moist towels for hands, feet and face are available at no extra charge.


Skin Renew

A gentle but effective full body exfoliation that removes dead skin cells so moisturizers can penetrate and nourish the skin.  You can choose a sugar scrub or a natural bristle brush to exfoliate.  Warm towels and soothing massage leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

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All About The Feet

A therapeutic treatment using warm towels, gentle exfoliation, soothing moisturizer and focused massage for the feet only.  Leaves the whole body relaxed.


Neck, Face & Scalp

A most relaxing treatment involving gentle, focused attention to neck, face and scalp to relieve built up tension.  Includes warm, moist towels and aromatherapy lotion.